Facilitation Experience Level: Intermediate

Want to improve your facilitation skills or train an internal team to facilitate? Check out our upcoming trainings.

The NEON Challenge Discovery framework gets teams, stakeholders and leadership aligned to start product development with total buy-in and clearly communicated project parameters. …

This is an excerpt from the book Empathy at Scale by Dana Publicover, available to pre-order here for February 10, 2020 release.

How Empathy Solves a Problem

The problem before me was relatively straightforward: the company was experiencing very low retention in new hires, specifically in the junior and associate levels, in the age 25–35…

paper mockups of digital screens

When I started my career, I was an intern and Jr. Copywriter at a few midtown NYC agencies. At this low level, it was always exciting when the bosses would run through the halls screaming “Emergency meeting!! Conference room, NOW!” We’d throw down our already overdue work and run into…

Dana Publicover

sales experience designer. founder, Publicover&Co. author, Empathy at Scale

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